Electronic Health Records ( Ehr )

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Electronic Health Records (EHR) Technology has come a long way when it comes to pretty much any aspect of life. It is more convenient to just buy things online instead of waiting in line at a store and have it shipped right to your front door step. With new technological advances comes new ways to commit crimes, such as identity fraud. Just by getting some information about a person they can ruin that person’s identity bring them thousands of dollars in debt. So we know that technology is a good thing but a little more risky when it comes to personal information. That’s what brings me to electronic health records. Going from the standard paper record to the more detailed electronic health record is a step in the right direction, but with that step there are risks that need to be considered. Electronic health records means all your personal information is stored in a data base electronically. What is stopping criminals from breaking into that data base and stealing all your information? That is what we will look at in this paper, the pros and the cons of electronic health records. First we look at what an electronic health record is. According to “Electronic Health Records” by CMS, it is pretty much an electronic version of the paper records but with more detailed information. This will help the relationship between the patient and the clinician (CMS). The problem with paper records is that there was always information that was missing or not filled in and if that

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