Electronic Health Records Speaker Notes

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Electronic Health Records Speaker Notes
Team Yellow
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NR360 Information Systems In Healthcare
Spring A, 2015

Electronic Health Records Speaker Notes
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Electronic health records were a technological advancement in the healthcare industry in which paper patient record’s became digital. The transition from paper to digital charting allowed easier, quicker access to patient information for those who were authorized to do so. EHRs are secure and protected with username and password access only. It contains information such as patient medical history, procedures, diagnoses, medications, labs, tests, and treatments. Healthcare professionals and organizations who are authorized to access a patient’s electronic health record can do so at ease via a secure network or online database (HealthIT, 2013).
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The most common asked question is “did the doctor interact with the patient enough to treat them?” Also, nurses have issues with interpretation of doctors orders, therefore the patient must have the same issue as well. The terminology and language used by doctors may be new and confusing to those who are not familiar with it.
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Patients need to feel safe with a doctor before they start telling them about all of their issues. The amount of time a doctor spends with their patient affects the trust and confidence they have in the doctor. A doctor that spends minimal time in the room with the patient makes the patients feel…
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