Electronic Items And Its Effects On People's Life

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Introduction Twenty first century have been undergone generous technology impacts on people’s life. People have embraced newer things to make life easier and feel secure by adding into their daily life. Social media, mobile, banking, big data technology are revolutions among the modern computer world. Electronic items are reducing their size and weight day by day with less cost. Despite revolutionizing lowest possible accessible technology is in our hand, healthcare systems cost is rising above sky. Although, people are aware of their own healthcare, it took while to explore and have access to health information technology through website or internet securely. Especially, Health information Exchange(HIE) has been in the news for years, ensuring the patients to improve access to health care by reducing cost. However, the story behind the scene has unsatisfied the expectations. In case of financial industry, the people have access to their financial information easily through various methods from personal banking to mobile banking, available at less or no cost. Could we expect easy access to personal healthcare? Is the idea feasible to evolution of modern trend in health care? Presently, banking revolution have given birth to idea of own personal health record banking(HRB) using technology efficiently and effectively. In the path to success health information technology(HIT), creation of electronic health record(EHR) have conversely increased cost of healthcare. In spite
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