Electronic Items and E-waste

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Introduction: Did you know that electronic items are the most interesting recent day? They like to have the newest products from different companies that they addicted to such as Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Sony…..etc. But, do you know that 40 million of e-waste produced each years are mostly from developing country , The UNEP says that e-waste cause lots of problem to undeveloped country and has an impact on their life and environment. (McAllister,2013). Consumers like to have the newest product that in the market and throw away the old one and that these discarded electronic are products electronic waste. E-waste is increasing very quickly around the world and make lots of problem to people that live in poor countries. E-waste bring with it sicknesses, losing their knowledge and destroying the life of people and their cities. There are lots of electronic waste recycle companies that they take the old electronic to recycle. But, no one know how these companies recycle this electronics and by who. On the other hand, things that people do not really know about this recycle companies, that they are selling this old products to poor countries like India, China and Ghana, for recycle. But, sometimes this electronic are produces disastrous results because it do not work and cannot be recycled. Moreover, e-waste worker risk their life with this dangerous work that cause lots of problem. We all know that electronics make our lives easier. But, wasting it destroying the other
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