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Scope of Media And Entertainment Sector The Media and Entertainment (E&M) sector can be regarded as one of the most influential industries. Unlike some other industries, the E&M sector enjoys direct interaction with people and hence, it has great power to influence people’s mind. Often the industry remains the driving force in building public opinion and determining its trends. Like the other countries of the world, the media industry also plays a very crucial role in India. The media and entertainment industry has come a long way to grow into a modern sector in the country. The large Indian population has work as a stimulant for the growth of the Indian media industry. The slacking grip of the government and the introduction of…show more content…
Also, the steady economic and political growth of the country along with the government’s investor friendly policies are going to keep the spirit of the investors very high. ------------------------------------------------- Analysis of the Media Industry in India Media industry in India is among the fastest growing industries of the present Indian economy. | Introduction Media industry in India is among the fastest growing industries of the present Indian economy. The media industry has benefited a lot from the Indian current economic growth coupled by the rising earnings levels in India. The media industry is presently in a critical stage of revolution. Since 2006, the media industry has enjoyed a good time in terms of growth and development as it has been characterized by realignment, consolidation and expansion in many sectors of the media industry. In addition, the media industry is anticipated to grow up faster than GDP growth of India and subsequently more spending is being expected in the media industry. This report will analyze internal and external environment of the Media Industry in India through applying the SWOT analysis, PEST analysis and the Porter's Five Forces Analysis. In addition the paper will also focus on Future of the Media Industry in India, it will highlight the Different types Of Media in India which includes the Print media, radio, electronic, outdoor and Television. India’s foreign direct investment will also be
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