Electronic Medical Record ( Emr )

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An electronic medical record (EMR) is a digital version of the paper based medical record for an individual. An electronic medical record contains the standard medical and clinical data gathered in one provider’s office. Electronic health record goes beyond the data collected in the provider’s office and includes a more inclusive patient history. This system is intended to store data that accurately captures the state of a patient across time. One reason why health care organizations have been hesitant to use electronic medical records is the cost. “It is not only the $40,000 that software vendors charge to install an electronic records system and the $10,000 to $15,000 for annual maintenance. It is the hassle factor and the often prohibitive cost of hiring staff to enter the data and to comply with new rules and regulations"(Reece, 2011). Facilities would have to hire IT people if the system goes down.If this system goes down that would impact the whole office. Electronic medical records will cost large amounts of money to buy and maintain. Second is the disruption of the doctor-patient relationship. You cannot read a computers body language or look it in the eye. You cannot empathize or sympathize with it. “Doctors must continue to practice the art of medicine which requires that doctors actually talk and listen to their patients. We cannot forget the value of interacting with patients, looking them in the eye, and providing them undivided attention. Alot of people
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