Electronic Medical Records (Emr) Project` Essay

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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Project
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Table of Contents
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Project 3 Background 3 Statement of Need 3 Objectives 3
Mission and Goals of Project 3 Tasks 4
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 5
Critical Path Method (CPM) 6
Performance Measurement 8
Project Plan 8
References 10
Table of Figures
Figure 1: Level One 5
Figure 2: Level Two 6
Figure 3 - Critical Path 7
Figure 4: Gantt Chart 9

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Project

Background Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is a nonprofit Healthcare organization in the city of Kelsey that has provided quality
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“Decomposition is the subdivision of project deliverables into smaller task more manageable components until the deliverables are defined to the package level (PMBOK, 2004). Decomposition of the total project involves identifying what need to be delivered, organizing the task in work packages and then executed. The First level of the WBS defines and organizes all of the task required to complete the overall project. The plan for the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital; the overall goal is to implement an Electronic Medical Records System. To achieve the goal the requirements must be gathered, the system designed, the integration of the systems with the excising systems completed and finally the deployment of the system for use. All of these steps make up the phases of the overall goal of the project. [pic]
Figure 1: Level One At the Second Level of the WBS the level one task are decomposed. The second levels of the WBS consist of the major task needed complete each phase of the level one task. As a result the first level task of gathering and implementing requirements is made up of the smaller task such as Architecture review, systems requirements, integration and deployment. Each of these task need to be completed to deliver the level one task.

Figure 2: Level Two The third level of the WBS contains the entire collection of subtask that are required to complete the level two task. Each of these task are considered work
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