Electronic Medical Records (Ems) Is A Digital Version Of

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Electronic Medical Records (EMS) is a digital version of the paper charts in the clinical office, the EMR contains the medical and history of the patient also allows us to track data over time, monitor and improve overall quality of care within the practice such as blood pressure and vaccinations, therefore the patients record may be printed out and delivered by mail to a specialist or members of the care team. Electronic Health Record (EHR) are designed to collect and compile all information to reach out beyond the health organization and to easily share the medical information of the patient to follow him or her through various modalities of healthcare, some benefits of EHRs are to gather information by the primary care which they advise…show more content…
A manual account system if developed correctly can be delivered timely and accurate information quickly, a disadvantage of a manual accounting system is errors however those errors sometimes manifest themselves which if using paper based account system can be damaged if water spills or any other things such as loss, another disadvantage of using accounting system is prone to errors we make on a daily basis which that can take up a little more time and if damaged recovery plans is hard to implement, but in a smaller business it may be a little easier to use but should be given to your own preferences, an advantage of using a manual accounting system is easier to be set up and quicker, more secure, cheaper, and does not need electricity or batteries therefore that can save up a lot of money in the facility. As a medical assistant if I am in favor of using an electronic health record I would start off by searching some advantages and disadvantages of an electronic record and how it will improve our facility and discuss with our other medical assistants how it will improve our work place and how it will help us out a lot, EHR ambulatory practice fall within three main categories that will improve patient care more efficient and potentially financial benefits, it can improve clinical ambulatory as well as patient care
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