Electronic Medical Records

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Computer Based Medical Records

In the medical field there have been a lot of technological advances and making health records electronic is one of them. The days of having a paper health record are almost obsolete. An electronic health record keeps a patient’s medical information and history on a computer which is accessible to more people in less time. I will explain how the continuity, communication, coordination and accountability of the electronic health record can help the medical office. I will explain what can be included in the electronic health record. As an advocate of the electronic health record I will also explain some disadvantages to the electronic system.

Computer Based Medical Records Electronic
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All the patients’ files should be backed up at least on a weekly basis to ensure that none of the information is lost. (HIPAA, 2011) Another way for accountability of the electronic health record is to have each person in the office has a key card or password to access the system. This will allow for the physician to check back and see if anyone is releasing information or making changes that are not authorized. This also allows for physicians to find out who made changes to a patients record if information is inaccurate. (HIPAA, 2011) Electronic Health Records will include the same information as the paper record. This includes basic patient information such as demographics, medical history, medications, allergies, laboratory results, radiology images, and billing information. (2006) Each individual doctor can specialize their system and what they want it to include. They can add different components to the electronic health record that are important to them and needed in their practice. (2006) Even though I am an advocate for the electronic health record there are drawbacks to the system. Each individual physician will have to determine if the drawbacks are worth the advantages of the system. One of the drawbacks to the system is privacy. Privacy will always be a big factor. Some patients may not like the idea of having their medical information easily accessible by almost anybody. (The HWN Team, 2009) Electronic health records
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