Electronic Medical Records

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The complexity of healthcare has boosted over the years and it has become increasingly probable that practitioners would not be fully notified about patients' current and previous health status and treatment (Ethier 2003). The use of modern information technologies, such as the accessibility of powerful computers and continually developing software, new high-speed networks and economical massive storage, together with the extraordinary increase of the Internet and intranets, have led to an raise in the quantity and accessibility of electronic health information (Brenda et al 2008).
There are several roles related with patient health records. Not merely is the record employed to record patient care, but it is in addition utilized in recording and tracking financial and legal information, and research and quality development reasons (Brenda et al 2008). The fact that all this information is shared by thousands of health professionals, insurance companies and certain public health agencies calls for the development of an automated electronic medical record system that will provide healthcare professional and other relevant professionals easy digitalized access to the patient information (Ethier 2003).
The paper medical record system presently signifies an enormous disintegration of patient health record. Not only it is hard to manage tons of paper work, it increases the cost of the health care system due to information…
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