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Electronic Medical Records or Computerized Medical Record System what is it and what are the advantages along with the disadvantages of using this system? That is what we will discuss in this paper. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a computerized database that stores all of the personal and medical information of the patient’s care and billing information by the health care providers. Today, only the providers and medical practices can implement these systems. Also there are neither known national central storage systems nor regional sharing of information between the networks on a regional level or the national level. This is something that needs to be changed because it is important to be able to see this information globally. This…show more content…
The EMR system is better for some doctors because it eliminates the unclear handwriting, thus cutting down on the unclear writing mistakes by doctors. The patients have been released from the hospital at a rate of at least one day earlier than the patients with paper records and these bills were almost $900.00 less than when they used the paper records. There have been many deaths each year because of the wrong medication being written on the prescription paperwork and a pharmacist misread the handwriting on the form. If this information is typed the chances of making a mistake are less. There are also EMR systems that diagnose diseases and treatments, which is another advantage. Just imagine how fast the patient can be healed if a computer program can predict the results of an illness by entering the symptoms such as a device that searches for glaucoma via computer generated images, the analyzing of mammograms and the ultrasound device to analyze lumps in a females breast that determine if it is benign or cancerous. Most of the time these computer systems have accuracy rate of 80% or more which is the last advantages that we will talk about today. The last advantage we will talk about is Telemedicine, which is remote performance of medical exams, analyses and procedures using computer networks and also specialized equipment. Some examples of where this computer system is used

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