Electronic Medical Records and the Nurse Informatics Specialist

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Electronic medical records and the nurse informatics specialist Over the years, with the technological development and digitalization of almost all the processes, there have been calls for the healthcare technology to be adopted in a wider sense of it. This has been mainly on the development of the appropriate chip and other electronic storage systems that can hold the information about each American's medical information and any other relevant data like the physical address and the migration trend if the person moves from one town to another or even across the borders. This has been argued to be aimed at ensuring that the information about the individual is readily available to help in medically assisting the individual incase anything happens. Several methods of fully digitalizing this process have been suggested, the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) being one of the major methods thought of. The need to adopt this technology of EMR therefore calls for the employment of specialists I handling the data so as to be sure of the relevance and the safety as well as the accuracy of the data that is stored in the electronic records hence the need for a nurse informatics specialist. This specialist will also make work easier for the medical practitioner as well as save valuable time in accessing the information about the client. This is bearing the fact that the patient will arrive at a point-of-care, and the information is immediately uploaded into the provider
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