Electronic Of The Electronic Health Records Essay

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Over the past few years, we have notice a significant change in the workflow of a healthcare organization. This change is caused by the technological advancements of Health Information Technology (HIT). One of the many technological advancements of HIT is the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Electronic health records are a patient’s paper chart in a digital format. It always contains real time information and can be easily accessible. With EHR put into act, it has the ability to electronically view and share a patient’s medical history, past and current medications, immunization dates, any diagnoses or allergies, as well as testing and lab reports. It is also used to document and store data, in addition with many more abilities. It is important to understand the purpose, application, challenges, and advantages of an electronic heath record. In order to get a greater understanding of its use, we will use a private family medicine practice as the foundation for implementing the EHR.

There are many functions in an electronic health record but according to the Institute of Medicine’s Letter Report on the Key Capabilities of an Electronic Health
Record System, the IOM Committee has identified eight core functionalities of an EHR system. The most important functions of an EHR are as follows [1]:
• Health Information and Data- contain and store medical data of patients, in order to make clinical decisions.
• Results Management- electronically manages all types of results and
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