Electronic Point Of Sale Application

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Chapter Introduction This chapter sets out the background to the electronic point of sale application and explains its importance. Background EPOS (electronic point of sale) systems were developed primarily help managers to aid stock control and to retrieve information about their business fast; but, in conjunction with electronic tills, many other functions have since been bolted on to the original systems to meet developing commercial needs. These include market information such as fast and slow moving lines, tracking promotions and building customer profiles. To date, the impact of such systems in retail scheme terms has mainly been on the calculation and recording of takings. Problem Description and Possible Solution The idea to build…show more content…
Aim Aims are broad statements applied to a project and are the "what" of the process. In other words, "what" will the project accomplish? The main aim of this project is to create a store management application connected to a local database that will help restaurant team to process efficiently orders taken. The project also investigate the methods to gain information from users, how this information will be transformed into project requirements and steps used to build and test the application. Objectives Objectives are specific statements that support the general aim. Any aim will have one or more objectives tied to it. In essence, the objective is the "how" of the process. Research The research chapter will investigate the history of EPOS application, programming languages used to build it, software development methods and additional software application used for this project. Analysis and design The analysis chapter will investigate the methods and tools used to gain data from users and will explain each of them. The design chapter will describe how raw data captured in analysis phase are used to design the features of application. Implementation The implementation chapter discussed how the application code is written. The chapter describes each step made by programmer from the first line of code to final version of application. Testing - strategy The testing chapter will explain why applications must be tested, methods and tools used for testing and the testing
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