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Why Electronic Policing and Anti-Plagiarism Software Should Be Used
College and high school students today have access to a vast amount of information on the internet. We are no longer limited to the books in the library or outdated encyclopedias for research. Information is in abundance and at our fingertips. Because of this, students find themselves easily falling into plagiarism, copying and pasting data without properly citing sources. Some students may pay to have their essay or research paper written for them. Therefore, it is good to have students’ work checked by anti-plagiarism software because of advanced technology and ease of accessibility, the lowering of moral and ethical values of some students, and the basic lack of knowledge
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Plagiarism has become a serious problem among high school and college students. A lot of this could be that the attitudes and moral values of students have changed and a high percentage of students do not worry about being caught. In a recent survey, it is reported that at least 28% of students do not worry about the potential consequences of plagiarism (“Survey Reveals Unique Insights to US Students’ Attitudes Towards Plagiarism”). Some students often claim they did not know they were doing anything wrong, especially those who claimed to speak a language other than English (Cross). Of course, with the endless amount of information available on the internet, a student can easily educate themselves on the proper way to cite an essay. If a student does not choose good morals and ethics when writing essays, the battle for plagiarism will continue. To avoid further risk of detection, students will also use paid services that write essays. Even though this method is hard to detect, a good teacher can notice changes in a student's writing style, which will send a red-flag (Cross). If students continue to lower their moral and ethical values, universities will increase technology to detect plagiarism. Students should learn to write their own content and develop their skills. Anti-plagiarism software will help deter students from copying from others work without citing (Graham-Matheson and
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