Electronic Principles At Uxbridge College

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Partner Tech Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers in industrial control applications is starting a project on feedback systems. You are working as a trainee technician and your manager has asked you to investigate the followings-

Design a temperature control circuit using negative feedback. Your circuit should be stable and distortion free. Sensor : thermistor (10KΩ +/-5%) Power supply : 12v Vin : 0-12v
2.1 Introduction
This task was a part of assignment 2 for students pursuing Unit 39- Electronic Principles at Uxbridge College (UK) which was handed on 24th January 2014 and expected to submit back before 14th February 2014. I was a student at Uxbridge College during this period, hence I worked on this task during first week of February (Exact dates are Unknown, however submitted it well before deadline)
2.2 Background
This task was designed to introduce me and my fellow students to understand working environment of engineer technician. This task has several parts involving research, designing, testing and fault finding in a system. I have chosen to elaborate design part which second part of the task. In this task, I was required to demonstrate my system designing capabilities. I am choosing this part I want to pursue my career as a design engineer and currently working to design a system for the automobiles where cruise control of a vehicle can communicate with GPS and able to adjust the speed accordingly (may be steering and breaks up to some

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