Electronic Principles At Uxbridge College

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2 Scenario-1 Partner Tech Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers in industrial control applications is starting a project on feedback systems. You are working as a trainee technician and your manager has asked you to investigate the followings- P3.2 Design a temperature control circuit using negative feedback. Your circuit should be stable and distortion free. Sensor : thermistor (10KΩ +/-5%) Power supply : 12v Vin : 0-12v 2.1 Introduction This task was a part of assignment 2 for students pursuing Unit 39- Electronic Principles at Uxbridge College (UK) which was handed on 24th January 2014 and expected to submit back before 14th February 2014. I was a student at Uxbridge College during this period, hence I worked on this task during…show more content…
2.2.2 This task was has following objects- Leaning design procedures Understand the types and effects of feedback on circuit performance Learn to design a stable and distortion free circuit Simulate the circuit on multisim Implement the circuit on breadboard (One Of Merit Questions) Demonstrate management skills (A Part Of Distinction Question) 2.2.3 As a student, I was required to undertake the task individually. Therefore, my work area comprises formulate the entire design by appreciating various design parameters and given conditions. In addition, I was advised to construct this system on breadboard and multisim followed by a write a report on theoretical, practical and simulated results as a part of merit question. Furthermore, I was required to demonstrate my management abilities with regards to this task to procure distinction. A Turnitin report was necessary to depict the authenticity of the work. 2.2.4 2.2.5 Ensure that system conform various design parameters Ensure a stable system with negative feedback Ensure a distortion free circuit Attempts to construct the system in lab with the help of Lab Technician and simulate on multisim Write a report on the design procedures 2.3 Personnel Engineering Activity 2.3.1 In this task various parameters were unknown, before designing the circuit, I had to calculate them on the basis of the information provided and Datasheets. To solve this
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