Electronic Publishing: The future of the media industry? Essay

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Electronic Publishing: The future of the media industry? It all depends on whom you talk to, because everyone has their opinion. Some people feel that this industry is a flash in the pan, but others feel quite differently. The Internet is expanding second by second and the information that is on this medium is astounding. Newspapers and magazines have jumped into a type of publishing called internet publishing, or electronic publishing, in which the Internet becomes the primary place to find information about the particular company. Organizations like Syracuse Online have used this type of publishing and grabbed a much different quality of audience than the print version of the Syracuse Post-Standard. Electronic publishing brings…show more content…
Everything in electronic publishing is archived for the life of the site. Most users can go through a search and find past articles of interest. With the automation on Syracuse Online, not all of the daily articles and information are moved off the front page. Most of the time, they are just stamped with a date and time, to show that they have been moved but are still important in understanding the full picture. Also, in the most recent article, the previous articles of importance are listed at the bottom for "more reading". So, change isn't such a bad thing. Archives and cross-linking have improved electronic publishing's information to be used longer. In the past, archiving wasn't as possible as it is now. There was a lack of people getting involved in electronic publishing, and companies had difficulty hiring people to do this archiving. Now, many electronic publishers have staff who have the sole responsibility of archiving articles and information and making the cross-links. Therefore, many skeptics shouldn't complain about change too much. Another problem that skeptics have is with the physical reliability of the medium. With a newspaper or magazine, there is a physical touch that ensures that the information is reliable and accurate, for the most part. However, the Internet is just as reliable as the physical newsprint. In fact, the information that you get in newspaper or magazine might be dated before one even gets a chance to delve into the information.
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