Electronic Store Information System in the Example of Small Electronıc Shop Runned by Jım Yahya

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JIM’s Electronic store is a small privately-run business owned by Mr Jimm Yahya. They specialise in sales of electronic like microwave, television, washing machine, laptop, play stations, refrigerators etc. The business is a subsidiary for only one product supplier Philips. They have managed to build a good customer base in Girne.

Profits are made by the means of sales of goods through local advertising and promotions. In spite of the customer based engaged by Jimm sales are still recorded manually and it is difficult to calculate business profit, stock re-ordering and customer documentation due to the limitation of paper/manual filling system. Due to the on-going
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The electronic store system will be able to perform the following: • To create the reports that will help manager take effective decisions like ➢ How many products are sold daily, monthly and annually? ➢ Which product is most preferred buy customer ➢ Most customer by location • To support the re-ordering process of the Electronic Store in order to prevent delay • Data entry should be fast and easy as possible. • The new system is required to provide the following information: o Daily sales o Daily New Customers o Daily Customers by brand o Monthly Sales o Monthly Sales by brand o Monthly Average Income o Annual Sales o Annual sales By Product Brand o Annual Average Income o A list of total stock o Average Salary o A Re-order list o A list of all the customers o A list of all products o A list of all customers interested in a particular brand o Best Employee o A list of all customers whose total purchased products is in a certain range • The main menu should be displayed automatically when the database is loaded and the whole system should be

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