Electronic Surveillance: Who Is Watching You? Essay

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When one walks out the front door into the world, how aware and conscious are they of how often they are watched, tracked, and monitored? Through surveillance, everywhere one goes they are having their lives watched and invaded by prying eyes. Most people believe society needs electronic surveillance and that it is there to protect them. Others believe society does not need surveillance and worry about their privacy being invaded. Many argue about different issues relating to the costly use of surveillance. Electronic surveillance has a broad range of purposes dealing with past, present, and future events. There needs to be a balance between the benefits that surveillance employs in society and the misuse of surveillance that encroaches on…show more content…
Another example of groups who use surveillance for safety are schools. In the article "Human Inventory Control," a school forced students to wear badges that were equipped with radio tags. The article states that these radio tags were to help prevent "vandalizing" of the school and also for keeping students protected ("Human"). What these tags actually did was track the activities of all students. Furthermore, several other places, such as banks or hospitals, use surveillance to encourage safety. For instance, "some people claim to feel reassured when using an ATM at night if there is a camera monitoring the transaction" (Smithsimon). However, it is not just the places one visits in public that are surrounded by surveillance; it can also be in one's home. From a video called Someone's Watching, it stated that it is typical for households to place hidden cameras inside their homes. This would often be done to spy on babysitters (_Someone's Watching_). People allow the use of video surveillance, sacrificing their privacy in order to gain safety, whether it is at home or out in public. Another purpose for the utilization of surveillance in society is for marketing. Businesses and marketing companies gather data in order to acquire a consumer's desires and personal interests. According to the video Someone's Watching, marketing companies track a person's individual buying habits. Marketing companies also sell
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