Electronic Technology And Faster Communication Technology Essay

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With the rapid improvements in electronic technology and faster communication technology, the society has become more sophisticated than in the olden days. The workforce is better educated, better informed, better organized and better paid than existed in the olden days. Consequently, the long term-trend is for the customers who will be more aware of the value of the funds, time and convenience. This has led to a demand for more efficient banking system with efficient payment methods. The situation has resulted in more competition among the banks and stimulated more technological developments. Hence, there is a continuous increase in the use of electronic technology to meet the ever increasing competition in banking which is transforming brick and mortar banking (banking at a fixed branch premises) to electronic banking. The delivery of bank’s services to a customer at his office or home by using electronic technology can be termed as electronic banking. The quality, range and price of these electronic services decide a bank’s competitive position in the industry (Kumar, 2000).
The increased competition has forced the banks to rethink the way they operated their business, reinvent and improve their products and services to make them more beneficial and cost effective. The technology in the form of e-banking has made it possible to find alternative banking practices at lower costs. More and more people are using e-banking products and services and because a large section of
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