Electronic Technology For Curriculum Observation

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Electronic Technology for Curriculum Observation & Documentation Michelle Valladares MGMT 7003 December 4, 2014 Many childcare centres in North America have introduced technology as a natural element of the classroom. Young learners have become part of the iGeneration in which the use of technology comes to be a natural way of learning, interacting with others and making sense of the world (Pellerin, 2012). In regards to documentation and assessment, there have been different digital tools that are creating a new way of evaluating and observing how children learn. According to research by Pellerin (2012), “assessment for the 21st century learning and teaching requires a shift from assessment of learning toward assessment strategies for learning.” In order for teachers to understand assessment strategies for learning they must see documentation under a new digital perspective. Documentation now includes gathering of tangible evidence from a variety of means such as learning stories, photographs, video and audio recordings of the students learning process (ELECT, 2007). Effective documentation will not only gather information but also tell a story and purpose of an event, experience, or development. In a digital era, technology tools and applications like Ipads and Ipods are creating a learning experience for children, teachers and families unlike any other tools in the past. In the 21 century, almost every educator and adult in North America has a
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