Electronic Usage Of Mobile Phones

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Social Media Campaigning to Reduce Unintentional Pedestrian Injury Due to Mobile Device Use
Keondra Midgette
Delaware State University
SCWK 660-63
Whitney Howzell, M.P.H
May 4, 2015

With the increasing amount of personal use of mobile phones at any give moment throughout the day, there is an implicit notion that such usage influence how individuals behave in their environments. It is a rising concern that proper usage of mobile phones is being practiced, especially when regarding safety. In particular, mobile device usage has already been linked as a contributing factor in traffic accidents (NHTSA, 2010). According to the US Department of Transportation (2013), the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that of 387, 000 people injured in distracted motor vehicle crashes, 5 percent were injured due to the distraction caused by cell phone usage. However, in recent years the issue of pedestrian injury due to use of mobile technology has come to the forefront in traffic accident research (Stavrinos, Byington, Schwebel, 2011). While there are many factors that contribute to this phenomenon, including alcohol use, lack of visibility, weather, and location, mobile device usage of pedestrians is the least examined (Stavrinos, et al, 2011). This paper will focus on the growing magnitude of unintentional injury due to distracted pedestrians using mobile devices.
According to Dellinger and Sleet (2013), the prevention of…
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