Electronic Visions Regarding Entrance Into The Asian Market

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Tyler Merrifield
Professor Boyce
Zap #2

Part 1: Challenges to Electronic Visions regarding entrance into the Asian market The entry strategy for Electronic Visions (EV) to enter the Asian market is by finding a partner inside such markets as China, Malaysia, and Thailand to help build up the company 's reputation through marketing and financing of the product. Having someone inside the market that is local can help build trust because Asian businesses only like doing business with people they know and trust, so this should be a good strategy to help EV enter the Asian market. The steps for implementation of the entry strategy into the Asian market include the following:
• Find out which countries markets they would like to enter and do business with.
• Find a partner in each country they want to do business in
• Either set up offices in the countries EV wants to do business or just have the EV partner go and meet with the potential Asian business partners
• Start building relationships with the businesses over in Asia since trust and honesty are a huge part of their culture
• Maintain open lines of communication and continue to promote how reputable and trustworthy EV is, so that the Asian businesses will feel comfortable with EV and want to do business with them
• Have the CEOs of EV meet with the potential Asian business partners to show how much they really want to do business with them
• Once a contract is signed, that does not mean immediate business with…
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