Electronic Voting Analysis

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Voting is vey important for everyone to do. Using a EVM to vote is not a good idea. Paper ballots are more reliable and less likely to be tampered with. Electronic voting machines may be a new technology that "cant" be tampered with but then again thats been said about government files and somehow those were tampered with before.Its way more work tampering with paper ballots than evm's and im pretty sure some one will notice if anyone was.

Anyone who thinks that EVM's are the best way to vote may say its because of how safe they say they are. In 2013, a new magazine ran an article in the article the writer himself explained how he was able to tamper with EVM votes. Might not think its so safe after reading that or how about when EVM's were shut down in viginia in 2014 because of dozens of voters reported that the machines had incorrectly recorded their votes. EVM's are also very exspenive. cash-strapped states cant afford the upkeep and end up with old equipment that you cant rely on. Almost half the states that used electronic voting in 2002 have switched back to paper ballots.
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some may have an opinon on how paper ballots aren't the best voting option because of how the united states have 33.7 million people of voting age with disabilities that are 20% less likely to vote due to accessibility issues. Well paper ballots and EVM's you have to travel to get to both so accessibility shouldnt be a flaw just on paper ballots. paper ballots are simple and what the people are used to. theres more trust in voting on paper than on a machine that can be faulty or record the wrong thing or even stop
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