Electronic Voting And Voting System

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Introduction :
Electronic voting in polling stations is in place of the world’s largest E-Democracies, and I-voting is used in some, initially small and E-Historically conflict-free, countries. Many countries were currently considering Introducing E-Voting systems with the goal of improving various aspects of the Electoral process. E-voting is often seen as a tool for advance democracy, building faith in electoral management, adding credibility to election results and increasing the exhaustive efficiency of the electoral process. The technology is evolving fast and election managers, observers, IO (international organizations), vendors and standardization bodies are consecutively updating their methodologies and approaches. The main reason why E-Voting have gained such success in these country is just because of convenience in this voting system as comparison to other traditional voting system. To increasing participation of more and more people in the polls we required Hi-Tech. voting techniques which will enhance and strength this democracy process. E-Voting technology can speed the counting of ballots & can extend improved the advantage for incapacitate(disable) voters The one most important benefit using E-voting is that it will increase overall turnout because the voters can vote from any place either he/she is in the state or out of the state. ‘Kenya’ is a country who has already implemented the E-voting system and gained very much…
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