Electronic Voting Machine

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What is an Electronic Voting Machine?
It is a simple electronic device used to record votes in place of ballot papers and boxes which were used earlier in conventional voting system.


What are the advantages of EVM over the traditional ballot paper/ballot box system?
(i) It eliminates the possibility of invalid and doubtful votes which, in many cases, are the root causes of controversies and election petitions.
(ii) It makes the process of counting of votes much faster than the conventional system.
(iii) It reduces to a great extent the quantity of paper used thus saving a large number of trees making the process eco-friendly.
(iv) It reduces cost of printing almost nil as only one sheet of ballot paper
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How the EVMs can be used in the areas where there is no electricity?
The EVM does not depend on electricity. It runs on alkaline batteries.


What is the maximum number of votes which can be cast in the EVM?
An EVM can record a maximum of 3840 votes which far exceeds the number of voters(usually less then 1400) assigned to a polling station.


In some elections large number of candidates contest. What is the maximum number of candidates which EVM can cater to?
Elections can be conducted through EVMs when the maximum number of candidates does not exceed


What will happen if the number of contesting candidate goes beyond 64?
In such cases poll has to be conducted through conventional method of ballot papers/boxes.


How an illiterate voter, will know the steps to vote by using EVM at the polling station? Whose help should he take?
The Presiding Officer will have a card-board replica of the ballot unit with him. Through this he will demonstrate you how to vote through the EVM. He will, however, not be allowed to enter the polling chamber, where the actual ballot unit is kept.


Can anybody tamper with the EVMs?
Utmost care has been taken to make the EVM tamper proof. The programming of the microprocessor chip used in EVMs is burnt into the chip. The fused program can neither be altered nor overwritten.
Any attempt to
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