Electronic Voting System in Punp

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Original Question: What is the best way to manually count ballot papers in block vote (BV) systems? With first-past-the-post systems, one can easily pile the ballots for each candidate, and then tally the totals. Where there is more than one vote recorded on ballot papers, some kind of tallying system seems unavoidable. What techniques are used in counting block vote ballots elsewhere? Introduction “Vote counting is one of the most crucial stages in the election process. Failure to complete the count and transmit results in a quick, transparent and accurate manner can jeopardize public confidence in the elections and will directly affect whether candidates and political parties accept the final results.” (The ACE Encyclopedia) Block…show more content…
The set of resources available should also be taken in consideration, as they will greatly influence the count, balancing integrity, accuracy, and speed. Most of the experts involved in this question believe that manually counting the ballots per a “call and tally” approach can be a time-consuming process, but on the other hand that it also helps guaranteeing transparency, integrity and trust in the system. Basic training of the electoral officials, for example, could be important because the effectiveness of any vote count process depends on the counting staff. Voter education is also important, as every individual should be aware of how the votes will be translated into seats, and how the count will proceed. And finally, the transmission of results should be structured and transparent in order to guarantee the acceptance of the general outcome of the election. Block Vote Case study: 1989 elections in Jordan The November 1989 general elections in Jordan were the first competitive ones for nearly thirty years. The country adopted the Block Vote electoral system, where voters had as many votes as there were seats to be filled within the district, but results turned out to be very controversial. Although it is difficult to make political analysis (political parties were banned), the University of Jordan has estimated that

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