Electronics and Communication Engineering (Ece) Syllabus Book R07

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2007-2008 JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, HYDERABAD B.TECH. ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING I YEAR COURSE STRUCTURE Code Subject English Mathematics - I Mathematical Methods Applied Physics C Programming and Data Structures Network Analysis Electronic Devices and Circuits Engineering Drawing Computer Programming Lab. IT Workshop Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab English Language Communication Skills Lab. Total T 2+1 3+1 3+1 2+1 3+1 2+1 3+1 25 P/D 3 3 3 3 3 15 C 4 6 6 4 6 4 6 4 4 4 4 4 56 JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY HYDERABAD. B.TECH. ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING II Year COURSE STRUCTURE Code Subject Mathematics - III Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes Environmental Studies…show more content…
Hence, it is suggested that they read it on their own with topics selected for discussion in the class. The time should be utilized for working out the exercises given after each section , as also for supplementing the exercises with authentic materials of a similar kind for example, from newspaper articles, advertisements, promotional material etc.. However, the stress in this syllabus is on skill development and practice of language skills. 2. OBJECTIVES: a. To improve the language proficiency of the students in English with emphasis on LSRW skills. b. To equip the students to study academic subjects with greater facility through the theoretical and practical components of the English syllabus. c. To develop the study skills and communication skills in formal and informal situations. 3. SYLLABUS : Listening Skills: Objectives 1. To enable students to develop their listening skill so that they may appreciate its role in the LSRW skills approach to language and improve their pronunciation 2. To equip students with necessary training in listening so that can comprehend the speech of people of different backgrounds and regions Students should be given practice in listening to the sounds of the language to be able to recognise them, to distinguish between them to mark stress and recognise and use the right intonation in sentences. • Listening for general content • Listening to fill up information •

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