Electrophoresis Lab Report

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The results of our experiment were similar to the actual isoelectric point of BSA with the exception of one data record. The calculated pI for BSA was approximately 4.5 after experimentation in comparison to 4.7, the real pI value of BSA. The isoelectric point was calculated after graphing the averages of each buffer solution and taking the x-intercept of the data. The isoelectric point detailed the pH at which the substance had a net charge of zero. The second strip of pH 6.0 with a value of +5mm, was omitted from calculations to improve the accuracy and precision of data. Buffers with a pH greater than the isoelectric move towards the negative end. Most of the buffer solutions with a pH of 4.7 and greater from the data, migrated to the negative…show more content…
What is electrophoretic mobility? Describe two ways in which the mobility of a molecule is affected during electrophoresis. Electrophoretic mobility is the ability of substance to migrate during a period of time which is proportional to speed. The speed and distance a molecule or substance moves in result of the electric field that electrophoresis applies, can indicate the size and charge of the molecule. Bigger molecules will move slower than small and greater net charges will move faster to the opposite charge. 3. For this experiment, your sample was applied to a cellulose acetate strip and the migration in an electric field was measured at various pH values. There are other methods that can be used during an electrophoresis experiment. Discuss one alternative electrophoresis method and compare and contrast it to the method used in lab this week. In slab gel electrophoresis agarose or polyacrylamide is used. The conducting buffer is contained in the porous gel and the gel is then poured in between glass plates. These plates are separated by spacers. An electric field is applied at the rear after the substance of experimentation is added to the wells at the top. The substance will then move a certain distance towards the positive electrode. This method uses gel unlike the cellulose acetate strips but it still uses a buffer and a electric field to migrate the substances based on their size and charge. Slab gel electrophoresis is usually used in the biological
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