Elegant Glassware of the Depression Era and Its Impact on People's Life

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The article then highlights the various trends that took place during the Great American Depression period and changed the production patterns and outlook of elegant glassware.

Elegant Glassware of the Depression Era and its Impact on People's Life
During the Depression Era in the United States, a wide variety of inexpensive clear or colored translucent glassware was produced by several manufacturers. The Depression Glass produced in this Era was further refined to form Elegant Glass, which had a cleaner finish, and was made in more vibrant colors. Elegant glass emerged due to the newer developing tastes of the generations and comprised of more fine and elegant designs. Elegant Glass was an alternative to fine china during the period of 1920s to 1950s. Most of the Elegant Glassware manufacturers closed by the end of the 1950s, and cheap glassware and imported china took its place. The following paper now explains the history of the Depression Era and how it lead to the emergence of Elegant glass and the place occupied by elegant glassware in the lives…
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