Elektra Products Case Study

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Question 1 How might top management have done a better job changing Electra-Quik into a new kind of organization? What might they do now to get the empowerment process back on track? Elektra Products, Inc. is facing problems such turn down of market share, weak internal communication among departments, low morale, and employees were seeking other jobs. Therefore, the organization has to create a solution which can solve or reduce the problems. Decline of the market share was one of the external problems faced by them which implies that their profit and revenue has been falling as well. To improve upon this they could do research and development about what the customers are demanding and if they would be willing to buy their…show more content…
For example, since financial department is worried about the “unethical customers and salesperson’’, they could’ve mentioned about improving product quality since they are in the manufacturing team and offering after sales services to avoid customers to return products back (Roger,2010). Other than that, Barbara and her team should implement the sense of trust within each other. Trust is the key ingredient in having an organization to expand in quality. For example, Simon needed to place trust into the decision of empowerment that has been given from Martin Griffin. By trusting, his idea and performing it with passion then only the company can see the effect of the idea of empowerment. Whether the effect is positive or not, we can narrow down the problem since the staff is already working with passion. According to Steve covey’s (2006), there are 13 behaviours that establish trust. The most important behaviour out of 13 is ‘straight talk’. This point elaborate on how a person should say what they mean when they are having difficulty to adapt to a situation. Question 3 If you were Barbara Russell, what would you do now? Why? If I’m Barbara Russell, I will choose to push slowly for reform and work for gradual support from the other teams. Communication is the key to link each other in the organization. Barbara should have open

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