Elementary Analysis Of Yuan Sheng Ltd

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Elementary analysis of Yuan sheng Ltd Information about Yuan sheng Ltd Yuan sheng Certified Public Accountant Co., Ltd , an accounting firm, locate in Canton, China, which is called Yuan sheng ltd. The scope of business is auditing accounts and creating an annual audit report for the other corporate clients. The company was created by two CICPA (The Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants) - Mr. Zheng and Mr. Duan with 100 thousand Yuan registered capital in 2007. After the strong hit by financial crisis in 2008, Mr. Huang, a new partner, who is an ACCA (association of Charted Certified accountants), joined this company. The accession of Mr. Huang gives rise to a maturity client network and high management skill such as Hay…show more content…
In the matter of external environment, the development of economy had a considerable improvement in China in past 30 years , a large amount of firms were set up. Besides, audit profession is not yet maturity in China, so Yuan sheng Ltd has plenty of potential clients. On the other hand, as an unknown private company, there is almost impossible for Yuan sheng Ltd to cooperate with some famous public corporations. As a consequence, Yuan sheng Ltd has few development potential in the future. Besides, the compensation systems in Yuan sheng Ltd are not completed. As a matter of fact, Yuan sheng Ltd is lack of position offered , therefore, employees are poor moral without promotion, and some senior accountants would rather voluntary leave to seeking more opportunities for advancement. Recently years, the Big Four (audit firms) gradually opened several branch establishments in China. There is no doubt that the Big Four did make a great impact on local audit companies. Output of Job analysis of Yuan sheng Ltd After doing a job analysis, we have a better known about job description, job specification, job performance standard, and job design of Yuan sheng Ltd. Job description The functions of all accounting firms are basically the same. For instance, the services provided by Ernst & Young Global Limited are: Assurance Services (46%): comprises Financial Audit (core assurance), Financial Accounting Advisory
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