Elementary And Secondary Education Act Of 2001

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By: Patrice Murphy English 122 Instructor: Stephen Rogers 8/18/2014 The current version of the “Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 2001” is “The NO Child Left Behind Act of 2001”. Which supports “standard-base” education reform, each state is responsible for developing assessments in basic skills and standards. The Federal Government’s plays a part over seeing in annual testing, annual academic progress, report cards, teacher qualifications, and funding changes. This law was originally apart of the Johnson administration’s war on poverty campaign to improve educational equity for students form lower income families. This law has been revised seven time most recently in January of 2002. Schools who fail to make adequate yearly progress for two years in a row the school is flagged for a “school improvement plan”. Has to devote at least 10 % of its federal funding to teacher’s professional development, then if the school still does not show improvement within three years corrective action is taken and the school must interventions to improve school performance from a list of legislations. If improvements are not made for a fourth year are supposed to be restructured with more rigorous interventions. If the school still fails to make yearly progress in the fifth year there is actions taken such as reconstruction faculty, leadership and governance arrangements by converting to a charter school, or converting to a privately management company. The
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