Elementary And Secondary Education Act Waiver Application

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“Under Virginia’s approved Elementary and Secondary Education Act waiver application, schools must meet increasing targets — referred to as Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) — in reading and mathematics for all students, three “Proficiency Gap Groups,” and other subgroups in order to meet federal accountability requirements” (Virginia Department of Education, 2015b, p. 1). AMO’s are not available for science; however, scores can be compared with the division and the state. Newsome Park Elementary School has a longstanding history of not meeting AMO’s in reading or math and performing below division and state averages in science and social studies. Newsome Park Elementary School is a Title I school. The school entered Priority status in …show more content…

There were 459 students enrolled at Newsome Park in the fall of 2014, of these students 106 were enrolled in third grade (Virginia Department of Education, 2015b). The pass rate for all third grade students in math stood at 35 percent at Newsome Park Elementary School, 66 percent across the division, and 74 percent at the state level (Virginia Department of Education, 2015b). Gap group 1 pass rates are disaggregated into two categories, students with disabilities, and economically disadvantaged. It remains unclear if the economically disadvantaged students represented in the proficiency rate by subgroup are unduplicated. Pass rates for students with disabilities at the school stood at 14 percent, 32 percent in the division, and 46 percent across the state (Virginia Department of Education, 2015b). Pass rates for economically disadvantaged students in the school stood at 33 percent, 58 percent in the division and 63 percent across the state. Gap group 2 (Black students) pass rate at the school stood at 31 percent, 67 percent in the division, and 75 percent across the state (Virginia Department of Education, 2015b). Gap Group 3 (Hispanics) fell below the state definition for personally identifiable results (Virginia Department of Education, 2015b).
Virginia’s SOL test for science is initially delivered in fifth grade. The 2015 pass rate for all fifth grade students in science

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