Elementary School Of Middle School-Personal Narrative

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Elementary school is hard. Mrs. Valerie, my first grade teacher, gave us a math worksheet, and it was easy up until I got to the back side. There were four long word problems! What does she think this is: middle school? Only I said it in my head. If she heard that, I would have gone straight to the principal’s office. I started the first one. I read all the words swiftly until I got to a word that I had never seen before in my life. It was only four letters: A-L-S-O. It looked like a whole different language. “When you come across a word you do not know, sound it out,” my mom would always say to me. I started to sound it out. “A-L-O-S,” but it was wrong. “A-L-Y-S-A-W,” I tried again, but it was still wrong. I did this over and over again thinking I was never going to get it. At the corner of my eye, I saw Mrs. Valerie walking around. Oh no, she is going to think I cannot pronounce simple English words. I pretended like I was hard at work on another problem until she walked past me. Now I just had to figure out what the word meant before she came around again. I tried everything that I could possibly think of. I tried to sound out each letter, and I…show more content…
Then, my entire world was rocked. “Finish the math worksheet that you started before lunch. I will collect it when you are done,” said Mrs. Valerie. I thought we were done with that worksheet forever. I brought the piece of paper out, and some spots were damp from my tears. I had to finish this, or everyone will think I am dumb. I tried one last time. I sounded it out again and again and again. Then, everything clicked. It was like the light bulb in my brain exploded. The word “also” came out of my mouth, and when it did, I knew that my troubles were gone. I finished the remaining questions and proudly passed my paper in to my teacher. When I looked around the classroom, almost everybody was done with theirs, and only a few people were
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