Elementary School Reflection

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Running Head: JOURNAL REFLECTION 1: A CASE STUDY OF A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, INCLUSIVE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Journal Reflection 1 Reflection of: A case study of a highly effective, inclusive elementary school. Connell Reddick Jr. Augusta University Summary: A case study of a highly effective, inclusive elementary school The study conducted at Creekside Elementary School (CES) in Florida was aimed to investigate the contributing factors which led to the success of their highly effective inclusive elementary school classrooms. The rationale for the implicated research was to investigate, share, and eventually have others implement effective practices that will allow students with learning disabilities to reach their…show more content…
Reflection: A case study of a highly effective, inclusive elementary school The article gave me a better understanding on methods I can implement that my special education students receive learning experiences which will assist them in being successful throughout school. I feel as though the six positions which were addressed have the potential to allow all students to be successful in all educators and administrators attempt to implement them. As a current educator I have experience first hand the power of setting and maintaining high expectations for all students. It has been noted in my experience that students will rise to the level of expectation which is set upon them. Educators must consciously and consistently encourage student to reach their highest potential and beyond. Educators must provide confidence and a means to succeed to enhance all student self efficacy which will in turn aid in students’ overall success. The information within this article give me a more concrete understanding of the Georgia Department of Education’s Teacher Keys Effective System Standard 9 which calls for a positive learning environment centered around high expectations, care, and respect for all students (GaDOE, 2017). Also agree with the notion that data should be used to drive instruction. I believe that is is important to have statistical basis for each implemented strategy, activity, or resource. It does no benefit to the student
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