Elementary School Teaching Essay

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Elementary School Teaching Elementary School Teacher Elementary school teachers teach pupils at levels kindergarten through sixth grade or, in some cases, through eighth grade a wide range of academic, social, emotional, and motor skills. They plan and present programs of instruction using methods and materials to meet the needs of the students. In order for all this to happen though, Elementary School Teachers must have a passion for educating as well as love children. Education requires dedication, organization, and thought out lesson plans on a daily basis. To ensure that the students get top-notch education, teachers attend staff meetings, serve on committees, and attend workshops or in-service training activities.…show more content…
Although many teachers usually work alone in a class with a group of students, an increasing number of schools are now providing teacher aides who are supervised by the teacher, assist with clerical tasks, lunch and playground activities. About one public Elementary School Teacher in six is a member of a teaching team in which two or more teachers work closely teacher. An example of is would be when I was in fifth grade. My teacher, who graded, inspired, and taught me was Mr. Dekire. But Mrs. Biro team taught with Mr. Dekire and it would be like Mrs. Biro would do lectures and Mr. Dekire would do group work. This cuts down on the amount of work one person must have accomplished for the student. As a future teacher, I would hope to have an aide. Therefore, I would have more time for lesson planning and organizing the class. Not to mention, I would have more time socially to relax. Public Elementary Teachers in Michigan spend an average of 36 hours per week in the classroom and an additional 9 or so hours grading papers, attending meetings, keeping records, making reports, and supervising after-school activities. With an aide, I feel those 9 hours would cut down dramatically for the teacher. The nature of work for Elementary School Teachers is that they play a vital role in the development of children. What children learn and experience during their early years can shape their views of humanity, and affect future success or failure in school, work, and their
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