Elementary School Vs. Urban School

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To begin this reflection let me ask a couple questions, what are we supposed to expect when we as future teacher get hired at a urban school compared to a non-urban school? How is it going to be different? These are just a few questions I had in my mind going into this field experience. The reason for this thought process was the result of the school system I grew up. The school I grew up in was mainly a white based student population and non-urban. So, before this field experience I had no idea what a urban school was going to be like as the result of my white privilege of the location of where I lived and the amount of money my parents make. It seemed to me that an urban school was the total opposite of what a non-urban school, that I went to was. An urban school, has a more diverse population of students and students that come from parents that can’t make as much money as my family. Furthermore teachers that rotate between other urban schools in the area compared to teachers staying in one school. This is a major difference because when I was in high school where I knew from year to year if my teacher was going to be around. In a urban setting a teacher may be working at school for one year and working at a totally different establishment the next time period. I feel the differences at intervals of urban and non-urban stop there. These schools are similar by the virtue of they have teachers that care about their students. If teachers are present to care about the…
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