Elementary School Will Be On Movement Education Concepts

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As the new director of the physical education curriculum I would redesign the curriculum to focus on the necessary aspects to ensure the students will have the knowledge to be physically active for a lifetime. To reach this goal I would redesign the elementary curriculum to focus on movement education concepts, middle school will focus on traditional team sports, fitness/wellness and high school will focus on lifetime activities and fitness/wellness. During each stage of education the information presented will build upon each other so the students will be able to move on to more complex activities, concepts and skills. The focus in elementary school will be on movement education concepts. Some of these concepts include: body, space, effort, relationship awareness, locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulatives. This is where the students will learn how to use their bodies and maintain control to prevent injury. They will also refine their fine and gross motor skills that will also help in preventing injuries. It will also allow them to participate in skill themes later in their elementary years. Providing a solid foundation that allows the students to learn and enjoy what they do is vital to living an active and healthy lifestyle. You must enjoy the things you do in order to continue them. Showing the students how fun being active is will help in the foster of being active and healthy into adulthood. As the students move into the fourth and fifth grades the complexity of…
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