Elementary School 's Gender Segregation Peeves Parents

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On September 22, 2015 an article was published on Global News, which was entitled “‘Girl talk’ or ‘career exploration’? Texas school’s gender segregation peeves parents.” In this article, Patricia Kozicka discusses the controversial issue regarding Borchardt Elementary School in Texas, in which students in grade four and five were divided into separate classes based on their gender (Kozicka, 2015). According to the article, it is reported that, at the beginning of this school year, females and males would be placed in separate classes in which they would focus on different curriculums (Kozicka, 2015). Specifically, that females would focus on confidence and relationship building skills, whereas, males would focus on career and future aspirations (Kozicka, 2015). The principle cleared up the issue with an email stating that the class would be split based on gender, however, both would still receive the same curriculum only with different schedules of the lessons and more emphasis on particular topics (Kozicka, 2015). A stereotype is defined as the belief that certain attributes are characteristic of members of a particular group, and stereotyping is evident in the news summarized above (Wright, 2015). Splitting the classroom into two distinct groups according to gender may be based on the stereotype that males and females differ in terms of their ability. Therefore, the assumption of the gender differences, lead to the concept and implementation that students should be…
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