Elementary Secondary Education Act Of 1965 And Its Versions No Child Left Behind Act

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Education is valued as one of the most important aspects of socio-economic group mobilization and social elevation in the United States. Operating under a human capital ideology education in the U.S. is a means to provide education to individuals in an effort for continued economic advancement for our nation. However, as times change education fails to completely change with it. Secondary education is no longer seen as a means to earning financial stability. Primary education encompasses complexity of issues that still remain to be addressed wholly. With the creation of the U.S. Constitution states are given power to construct education. Educational reform continues to be complex with ever changing politicians and platforms failing to have the time to create long lasting systematic changes but also not fully grasp educational challenges collectively. Educational reform such as Elementary Secondary Education Act of 1965 and its versions No Child Left Behind Act and Every Child Succeeds Act 2015 has changed the way students learn and teachers teach. The need for continued educational innovations is of the utmost importance. We as a society continue to strive for creating organizational policies and pedagogies that not only enhance research but a allow for a greater society understanding and applicability to enhance education for millions.
Innovation is a term I’ve frequently heard in the realm of business and technology implying new and or different methods leading to
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