Elementary 's Writing Workshop : Four Square Model

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The curriculum initiative I chose to actively engage in is our third grade’s Writing Workshop: Four Square Model. The Writing Workshop: Four Square Model initiative is currently in the evaluation phase. The most important aspect of this initiative is provide students with the opportunity to expand upon their writing, add details, and stay organized. So many young writers struggle to develop well-written stories, essays, and descriptions. This method utilizes a simple graphical organizer to take students step by step through the writing process. It can be used for any type of writing project from a simple paragraph to a story or even a persuasive essay. During the project I worked to analyze student data and researched the Four Square Model for school-wide usage.

During the 2013-2014 school year, our third grade team and administration, evaluated student writing data and PASS projections from MAP data. They found a need for additional writing instruction. The teachers then researched a variety of programs as they prepared to adjust instruction. Teachers and administration chose the Four Square Model program, set a timeline for implementation during the second semester, and created a common writing instruction plan. My current work is focused on evaluating the effectiveness of Writing Workshop: Four Square Model through PASS test score data and researching the applicability of the model in other grades. In the future, we can use the analysis

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