Elements Of A Short Story

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2. Identify and plot on a graph the following elements of the short story’s plot: introduction or exposition, causative or inciting force, rising action, crisis, climax, falling action or denouement.


3. Describe the setting of the story. The setting of the story appears to be in a place that has an insufficient amount of technology and are very poor compared to many people in today’s world. When I put these two things together, I think of the setting being either a third-world country or being a very long time ago. However, when I read it again with very detailed inspecting I found out that it had to be a third world country. This is from the sentence in the 7th paragraph. They state that nothing could
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After the crocodile's death, the reader is probably thinking, “Wow That was crazy!! I think she’s just going to go home, tell her parents and continue a normal life.” The Atmosphere of this story was unsafe and dangerous near the beginning of the story. This is the crocodile that was inhabiting the river, so whenever the women crossed, the crocodile would be a risk factor for crossing. Therefore, after the crocodile was killed by Sibia, the atmosphere became a bit safer and less dangerous. Meaning it would be safer and easier to cross the river.

5. Who is the protagonist of the short story? Who is the Antagonist? Is the Protagonist a dynamic or static character? What Character traits does the central character reveal? Protagonist means the main character or one of the major characters in any type of story. Consequently, the protagonist would be Sibia because she is the main character and the most important person in the book. When I was thinking about what the antagonist was, I was wondering if the antagonist could be something other than a human or a physical object. So when I searched it up, it specified that the antagonist does not have to be a human or a human-like object. It said it could be anything that is in the way of getting what the protagonist wants or wanted. This means that the antagonist could be anything blocking Sibia from getting what she wants. In this story Sibia wanted beads to make her
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