Elements Of A Writer's Block

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While some writer's claim not to have writer's block, others might end up spending weeks in front of a blank screen trying to get the words to flow. There are usually two schools of thought on the subject of writer's block; work through it by writing anything or changing your environment to clear your head.

Change the Environment In other words, clear your mind. Often, writer's block comes from the editor in your head. This little jerk won't stop telling you that every word is wrong. He won't let you write anything because there's a lot of negative self talk in your head. You need to banish the negative voice.

Here are a few ideas for getting through writer's block.

1. Grab a book.
It doesn't have to be a writing book. Any book that inspires you or makes you forget writer's block is a good book.

2. Get creative.
Being creative can help the words flow. Grab a paintbrush. Start sketching. Make something with yarn. It can be anything that's creative without words.

3. Have coffee.
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This might help with the change of writing environment, too. Nothing makes you feel like a writer as much as getting to the local coffee shop and pulling out a laptop.

4. Brainstorm the Next Steps.
Writer's block might have settled on your head because you weren't sure of the next steps in your story. Take a piece of paper and start brainstorming what will happen next instead of looking at the blinking cursor.

5. Take a walk.
Physical activity can often dislodge the mental block we're having when we can't write. You don't have to walk. You could do jumping jacks in your living room as long as you're being physically active.

If none of those really work, you can take it up a level with some games and books that will help you overcome writer's block. These aids are like the prompts here and here. They're meant to get your writing juices flowing.

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