Elements Of Create Leadership Accountability

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Elements to create leadership accountability The Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness (2016) stated that the reason many organizations fails is the leadership 's inability to establish and enforce accountability. When organizations establish accountability, work is efficient; and without it, procedures fail and policies are overlooked by staff (CMOE, 2016). As stated by CMOE (2016), personal accountability is a climate that is created when a leader consistently practices Behavior Must Equal Consequence. CMOE recommended for leaders in organizations to establish personal accountability. When staffs are not held accountable for their negative behavior, it drops the performance to the lowest level that could not be accepted. Establishing employee accountability helps determine the individual highest level of performance. On the other hand, the lack of accountable creates an excessive environment of tolerance where staff dictate their own policies and work procedures. When employees’ behavior does not result to a punitive action, they choose the behavior that best fit their moment. When staffs believe positive behaviors will result in positive feedback or rewards, and inappropriate behaviors will result in corrective feedback, coaching, or even disciplinary action, employee will increase performance to the expected standard. Although it is not feasible for every leader to provide supportive or corrective feedback every time an employee displays a negative
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