Elements Of Mise En Scene In Night Of The Living Dead

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There are many different elements of film that filmmakers can utilize to make a film. Direction, storyline, cinematography, mise en scene, as well as point of view and tone can all lend a hand in making a film great. One might say that the most important aspect of a film is the script. Others might argue the actors are the most important part. However, an impressive balance of all of the different elements of film are what can elevate a film to greatness. That is why the best film viewed this semester is Night of the Living Dead. There are three elements of film that are individually important, however when they are viewed as a dependent unit (one element depending on another) they become absolutely critical to a great film and the impending success or failure. These three parts are narrative, direction and cast. Films have been viewed as a success or failure based on their narrative being portrayed alone. Yet, direction, cast as well as narrative have a directly proportional relationship. Great director and a great cast with a mediocre script or storyline will produce a mediocre film. Any one of these elements can be less than great and it will negatively affect the others as well as the film. All of these and more displayed perfect balance in Night of the Living Dead. George Romero did a remarkable job of ensuring emotions were conveyed to their audience through the camera, as well as his brilliant use of mise en scene (which will be discussed later). Specific examples
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