Elements Of Naturalism In Willa Cather

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Alexandra Bergson appears as a symbolization of Willa Cather in more than one way. Cather saw herself as a strong, intelligent, young woman trying to carve a path through a world that did not seem to appreciate her. Cather & Alexandra both found the Realistic, Romantic, and Naturalistic ways of the world. Although this novel had many aspects of Naturalistic views, Realism and Romanticism also appeared in several ways. Intertwined in this novel was an aspect of realism. Realism appears to me as the way of life without change. Anyone who writes realistically does not care about others responses, they use facts, and absolutes do not worry them. Realistic writers believe that this ordinary world we live in will stay as it appears for many years…show more content…
Romanticism emphasizes of the imagination and emotions, usually impractical or unrealistic, incorporating romantic feelings or ideas. Emil and Marie’s story appears very romantic to readers, the typical “Romeo and Juliet” some might say. Emil and Marie met at a very young age, and everyone recalls that Marie still appeared beautiful as ever. They described her as “a little Bohemian girl, Marie Tovesky, who was tying her handkerchief over the kitten's head for a bonnet. She was a dark child, with brown curly hair, like a brunette doll's, a coaxing little red mouth, and round, yellow-brown eyes. Every one noticed her eyes; the brown iris had golden glints that made them look like gold-stone, or, in softer lights, like that Colorado mineral called tiger-eye.” Alexandra’s dream of the man carrying her through the wheat fields actually ties into romanticism as well. Alexandra felt so achy and heavy long to be free of her own body, resulting in the dream. “As she lay with her eyes closed, she had again, more vividly than for many years, the old illusion of her girlhood, of being lifted and carried lightly by some one very strong. He was with her a long while this time, and carried her very far, and in his arms she felt free from pain. When he laid her down on her bed again, she opened her eyes, and, for the first time in her life, she saw him, saw him clearly, though the room was dark, and his face was covered. He was…show more content…
overall appears as a Naturalistic novel. The assumption that everything real exists in Nature, defines Naturalism. Naturalism takes away all the power that romanticism gave you. Since the naturalist perspective exists very persistently in this novel, you can prove that in many ways. When Cather exposed the true feelings and intentions of Frank Shabata and his wife Marie, and explained to readers of somewhat an emotionally abusive relationship is another aspect of Naturalism in this novel. “Perhaps he could not have given it up if he had tried. Perhaps he got more satisfaction out of feeling himself abused than he would have got out of being loved. If he could once have made Marie thoroughly unhappy, he might have relented and raised her from the dust. But she had never humbled herself. In the first days of their love she had been his slave; she had admired him abandonedly. But the moment he began to bully her and to be unjust, she began to draw away; at first in tearful amazement, then in quiet, unspoken disgust. The distance between them had widened and hardened. It no longer contracted and brought them suddenly together. The spark of her life went somewhere else, and he was always watching to surprise it. He knew that somewhere she must get a feeling to live upon, for she was not a woman who could live without loving. He wanted to prove to himself the wrong he felt.” This situation we believed to tie into Naturalism because no matter what, Marie persisted and
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