Elements Of School Uniforms

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Elements of School Uniforms It is important to outline the difference between dress codes and school uniforms. A dress code is most commonly identified as a set of rules and limitations that a school has put in place regarding normal, everyday clothing. School uniforms are a restricted, specific type of apparel that students are required to wear. Typical parameters set by common dress codes include no tank tops or “spaghetti strap” shirts, appropriate length shorts and skirts, no hats, and no profanity or illegal content on clothing (Summers & Seidel, 2014). Conversely, school uniforms tend to be much stricter. Like typical dress codes, they may vary depending on the school district and the state. However, many school uniforms have common components. For example, in the Clayton County Public School District in Jonesboro, Georgia, students are required to wear shirts with polo-style collars or button-down collars. The shirts must be white or the school’s colors and must extend a few inches below the student’s waistline and be tucked into whatever bottoms the student is wearing. As far as bottoms are concerned, students have the option of khaki pants or dark blue or black dress pants. Girls may also wear khaki, dark blue, or black dresses, skirts, skorts, or shorts made from appropriate material as long as the hem is no more than three inches above the knee (Dress, 2017). Similarly, the Garland Independent School District in Garland, Texas, requires white, red, or blue polo

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