Elements and Dimensions of Culture in Taiwan

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Global Cultural Analysis of Taiwan Name Professor Institution Course Date Global cultural analysis of Taiwan Introduction The culture of individuals in a society affects the general demand of that region. This means that the success of a firm in any society would have to respond directly to the cultural backgrounds of the individuals in the society. This aspect applies the same in individuals who would like to operate their businesses in Taiwan. Most of the activities in the country always rely on the culture especially when considering that it is one of the Asian countries, which are culture oriented. In order to be successful in operating a business in this region, an individual would need to study the cultural trends existing in the country since it is among the countries which culture plays a huge role in determining the demand trend. Culture can influence one's behavior, especially when making personal decisions. This article studies some of the major elements and dimensions of culture in Taiwan and the way in which it affects business operation in the country. Further, there is also need to research on how the culture in Taiwan compare with US culture and businesses since t the latter is one of the best business operating regions. This will help in determining how the culture in Taiwan affects the US citizen who would wish to conduct their businesses in the country. Major elements and dimensions of culture in Taiwan The religion in the country highly
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